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Clean Waters Colorado

We are a small group of Colorado volunteers who regularly spend our free time cleaning up local ponds and rivers by freeing them from trash and debris. We hope to make what is already a beautiful state even more so by preserving the pristine waters that the folks who live here have come to enjoy, […]

Baby Alicia Beating Cancer!

We are raising funds to help us with our baby Alicia’s fight against cancer. She has been fighting and beating a tumor since late January. She is a trooper! We see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, combined with Covid – 19 restrictions it has been an immense financial strain. We are […]

Help with car repair

Hello everybody. My name is Chris. I live in a small town without a public transport system. I am asking for help so that I may have the opportunity to find work. I wish to be self sufficient. Please, will you help me get my car repaired so that i may do so? It would […]

Non Hodgkins Lymphoma wont beat Kandi Cancer Fund

Funding to help with medical and living expenses during treatment

Publicly built 1970 Dodge charger

need money for a old Dodge charger I’m planning on completely restoring it and take it to car shows for those who help will have a place on my sign that states who helped and who made it and need money to kick start a private business

Help Josiah get started with his music

I need to get set up so I can share my music!! I promise it will make a difference and I won’t leave out any donor. In fact, I’ll make a personalized song for whoever donates.

Amputee Needs Prosthetic

Very difficult times This is very hard for me because I have always worked hard and earned my way through life, but suddenly I am in the most difficult situation I ever imagined. The year began with a diagnosis of skin cancer in February. It’s on my face next to my nose. Surgery was scheduled […]

Please Help Brianna Fight cancer for the 2nd time

Please help Brianna Fight cancer for the 2nd time, Brianna is 8 years old and she’s is a patient over at Joe dimaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL. Brianna been fighting childhood kidney cancer since 2018, she was able to beat it in 2019 but unfortunately she had a relapse this year and now she’s […]

Help Steve Sheets in his time of need

My friend lost his leg and could use help be it medical, day to day or physical therapy sessions

Lost Job Covid-19 of a Father Husband and Good Man

Personal Assistance for Lost Job Covid-19 of a Father, Husband, and Good Man

Personal Assistance for Covid-19 Job Loss affecting a good father, loving husband, good friend. This is a gofundme page made for someone other than myself to stand as replacement income due to job loss. He was forced to stay home due to health concerns from the covid-19 outbreak and not being able to protect himself […]