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Our daughter has been diagnosed with severe Plagiocephaly and needs docs to correct the problem. These are not covered under my husbands insurance and all medical expenses must be paid out of pocket.

For those of you who know us personally, or through an acquaintance, know that we have been blessed with 4 of the most beautiful girls, who are the light of my life.

Our youngest daughter, Aubrey Quinn has recently been diagnosed with severe case of Plagiocephaly. When I gave birth to Aubrey, she became stuck on my cervix, and it caused a large crease along the top of her skull, from ear to ear. We noticed not long after Aubrey was born that her skull was slightly mishapened, and discussed it with her paediatrician about what we could do to correct the problem. Unfortunately with how soft Aubrey’s skull is, those suggestions did not help correct her issues and she developed a severe case quite quickly.