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A few years ago, my fiancée and I were inspired to launch a family business. We envision our business as a vehicle to allow our blessings to be blessings to other people. Thus, we created Daystar Contracting Industries, or (DCI).
DCI seeks to acquire government defense contracts in order to supply government agencies with quality goods and services. Here’s how it works:
DCI will research, submit competitive bids and procure contracts solicited by government agencies. Once we acquire these contracts we will serve as a general contractor, recruit sub-contractors, and administer the product or service. In addition to providing services to men and women who serve our country, DCI will also provide secure jobs and careers, with opportunities for growth.
We are in the startup phase of our venture. All funds will be used for startup costs, including but not limited to, incorporating the business, supplies, website, marketing tools and working capital to develop and grow DCI forward.
Here’s a little background info about the DCI team. We have initiated a board of advisors, all of whom have a combined 30 years in the business of government contracting. I have over 12 years of business related expertise with iHeart Media, formerly known as Clear Channel, CBS Radio and Tallcat Productions. Erica Bojalad, our Director of Operations, has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and an undergraduate degree in Education.
We greatly appreciate your time and attention as you consider helping us carry out our mission. All donations are received with a humble heart and determination to build positive change. Thank you.