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After months of searching my father and I have found a place to move too. Finally, everything is falling into place and we can stay together and even keep our dog. I had been so afraid that I would have to put my father in a home. He’s 76. Can’t completely take care of himself, but still independent enough that he doesn’t need full-time care. We have been through some tough times and now have a chance to start over.

The only problem we face now is moving costs and a pet deposit. All and all it’s about $2,000. I’m hoping with some sharing and kindness you all could help us. Our move out date is Feb. 25th. It is a must that we move out. That part is out of our hands.

So thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Here is a pic of my dad. He’s as adorable in person as he is in the picture.


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