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Save My Home Stop Foreclosure and be a secret hero!

No long, moving, heartbreaking story that tugs at your heart strings until your wallet opens. My family and I are just dealing with life and it is kicking our butts. It seems as though our bills have bills that are all flooding in and we are drowning. Right now we still have a roof over […]

Disabled combat Veteran needs help

Disabled combat Veteran needs help DONATE TODAY! Thank you for taking a moment of your time during your busy day to hear my situation and help me. My name is Ronald.  I am a total and permanent disabled U.S. Army veteran. I am  70 years old. I own my home and it is way […]

Hope for Shruthi Larsen Syndrome

Thank you so much for taking just a few short moments to read our story and plea for help. Shruthi is in dire need of immediate help and we are calling on our friends, family and strangers to lend us a helping hand.  DONATE Today!! About Shruthi: Born with a rare genitic condition, Larsen […]

PTSD Veteran therapy motorcycle

Donate TODAY! Hello my name is Jeff Hopton. I am a 23 year veteran of the US Army. I also am a 100% disabled veteran. I served two tours in Iraq at the end of my military career. I was medically evacuated out of Iraq during my second tour due to an injury and […]

The Bag Boy Ultimate Organizer & Bag Handler

Coming Soon on Indiegogo The Bag Boy Ultimate Organizer & Bag Handler Finally! Put an End to Spilled Grocery Bags and Unorganized Clutter in your Car, Van & SUV. Our “Pre-Launch” #bagboy Campaign is underway! So, thanks for the support Pre Order TODAY! No Spill No Hassle

Community Natural Birthing Center House of Life

My name is Khaya and I’m raising money for our community birthing center called the House of Life.  I gave birth to my three children naturally here with my husband and two of the midwives on staff.  As an offer of gratitude I want to give a nice donation to help fund renovations and donate new equipment to benefit […]

My Mom Has Cancer, She NEEDS ME!

Click here to Support? I need help getting to my mom since she’s been diagnosed with cancer for a 4th time. Time is running out.

Ensuring Grandchildren’s Safety and Future

The main reason I am asking for help is to ensure my grand kids have a home that is safe and secure for them to grow up in. They have lived a rough life in their short time that they have been alive. They have seen things no child should ever have to be around. […]

New Trak Card – the 1st Tracker with FIND button to protect wallets or phones AND RFID shield to block credit card scanning

NEW YORK, July 8, 2016 – Magio Tech, an innovative designer of mobile electronics accessories announces the launch of Trak Card on Kickstarter. Trak Card is more than just the first credit card size Bluetooth tracker with a built-in RFID shield. It has the unique FIND phone button, and Crowdfind function for locating lost valuables […]

The Inseminator US Patented Self Insemination Kit

The Inseminator US Patented #SelfInsemination Kit GET YOURS TODAY! ?  The Inseminator™ simulates a natural size, feel and function of an average penis delivering sperm! NEW – US Patented Self Insemination Kit! Simulates a natural Feel & Function to induce pregnancy JanaCo Nevada Ltd. GET YOURS TODAY! ?