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Following those super useful tips because I have 0% creativity in writing:

Who Will Benefit – Myself, and anyone that likes what I put Out

What the Funds Will Be Used For – Very Many Things.  I’m trying to have my own music studio, and my goal is the combined cost of the instruments (4-string bass, 5-string bass, electric guitar, acoustic-electric bass&guitar), the string sets, the instrument care (the polish/dust removers), the instrument-to-computer interface, the cables, the amps (one for guitar and one for bass), some musician-preferred studio headphones, the software (namely FL Studio – Producer Edition), and the absolute beast of a computer I’m going to need to run all of the necessary software needed for high=quality recording.  Also included is about $10 extra for the price fluctuations that are bound to happen and for any shipping&handling fees.

(“what do you mean by a music studio?” I mean a recording and playing setup that is par on approaching professional. I’d like to be able to play and record lots of covers for different styles of songs as well as possibly start making some of my own.)

How Soon I Need The Funds – Honestly, whenever. I never plan to stop loving music. I’d just like to start doing this before I turn old and grey.

What Will The Support Mean To Me? – Now, I could go the philisophical route and say that it would reaffirm my hopes in humanity, or the simple route amd say it would make me really happy. But both are true. I think it would be really cool to know that people out there helped me achieve a dream.

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  • charmdatemed May 24, 2017 at 1:33 am

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