Support the Benyounes Family GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

I am reaching out to support my family.

My name is Kemal Benyounes and I currently live in Tunisia.

Here, there are extremely limited opportunities for my employment and finances are limited.

My family has fallen on hard times.
My son is in need of treatment for a medical condition and we are entrenched in significant debt, making it difficult  for my wife and I to care for our two children.

I am worried about the health and quality of life of both my family and myself. As a diabetic, I also have to consider my own health and the availibility of possibly life-saving resources.

I am looking to give my children the best chance in life but we feel stuck and we’re seeking out any and every option for a more stable life for all of us.

Please help out if you can. Donate or even just spread the word.

We appreciate whatever you can contribute. Thank you so much.

With love,
The Benyounes Family.

Please Support

Develop Holiday Accadation FREE CrowdFunder.Co.UK Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

develop holiday accadation

Hi and welcome to my crowd raising page. I have a house located in the village of Novo Selo on the bank of the river Danube, north west Bulgaria.

over the years i have been restoring it . It is in a reasonably good state now but would like to have the outside brought up to standard .. I would like to turn it into a B&B of some sort.

For anyone who makes a donation of £50 would be entitled to a fortnight in the house during 2018.(t&c’s apply). the house has 2 main bedrooms one double and one with 2 single beds also bed settee.

It fitted with cooker and washing machine with separate shower and bathroom.

Peregrine EAV-C1. Electric Aerial Vehicle FREE Crowd Funding Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Awesome, the first ever crowd funding 3-some campaign, and you my friends are part of it. 3 areas of development, 1 goal… we introduce the Peregrine EAV-C1 project.
This project is about you:
1. increasing your chances of survival during an aircraft crash, and
2. adding you green footprint towards a cleaner, greener means of traveling and ultimately a healthier living environment for all.

It is also about:
1. job creation,
2. lower maintenance cost that can be filtered towards lower air fares
3. quiet operations, allowing peaceful sleeping when you stay next to an airport.

The 3 for 1 consists of
1. a distributed power generation system,
2. an electric propulsion system,
3. a safer airframe than currently in the market and the beauty of it all should one of the 3 areas for whatever the reason fails, the remaining 2 can still be implemented. However, FAILURE IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE AN OPTION.

Help Me Escape FREE Crowd Funding Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

I’m trying remove myself from a severely (emotionally) abusive household with my dog and two cats in tow. Before I can actually get out, I need a car, and I need enough for the down payment on an apartment. If I’m just saving through work, this will take me FAR too long. I need help. Please donate if you can. If you can’t, please at least share my campaign so hopefully more people can see it and maybe someone else will be able to. Thank you. Bless you.

Memoirs of Mylencia: The Old War FREE Crowd Funding Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

I’m doing this project as a part of my healing process in both physical and mental health.

I have been off work for an extended period of time and I am writing this novel from a mental health institution. I have limited access to resources and funding, which is where your support comes with great desire.

More people than we know struggle from mental health and I want to prove to myself that I am strong and capable of overcoming issues and completing a task I set my mind and heart to. I also hope this will serve as an advocacy to the people out there that thing they are alone or cannot accomplish goals.

Thank you for your support.

Uniquefreak dezignz FREE Crowd Funding Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

I am trying to promote and create unique people I want everyone to be different and I want to make one off clothes I will take peoples ideas and likes and create clothes just for them

SP3DGET: An Advanced Multi-Functional Fidget Spinner that Growths with Your Motor Skills

The SP3DGET is a 2 in 1 design that combines the functionality of a Spinner and a Fidget that has multiple levels of fun! It’s designed with a focus around functionality and the ability to grow in the number of ways to use it as our users’ motor skills improve over time.

Our products will be 3D Printed in-house and is designed to be done as a Single Print.

Each one will be individually inspected and tested prior to being shipped out to you in order to guarantee customer satisfaction!

Emergency XL FREE Crowd Funding Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

“Two brothers get confronted with a bunch of gangsters in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

‘Emergency XL’ is a tragicomedy that tells about a brotherly love.

In a town, somewhere in peaceful Flanders of Belgium, two brothers encounter a big tragedy.

The story is about Zeno and Bram. Together they work in the undertaker’s business of their father Igor. Zeno is an introverted teenager. Contrary to his older brother, who finds his outlet in fitness. Their tight bond softens the loss of their mother.
On this particular evening, the brothers decide to make a joyride with the hearse. During their ride they make a stopover at a night pharmacy. By pure accident, the same pharmacy falls prey to a gang of robbers. Their paths only cross a few minutes but it turns into one of the bloodiest minutes for both groups…