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Hello, my name is Bruce Royer and I am reaching out to friends, family and friends of friends – anyone – for help in getting the treatment I need for a severe brain injury, so that I may get my life, self and brain back after 8 years of non-stop suffering that has cost me everything dear and precious to me and confined me to my home and work.

What happened?

In 2007 I was attending graduate school, working on building my dream invention and working full time. In late 2007 anxiety and mild depression emerged and I went to a doctor for relief and was placed on Xanax (benzodiazepine).

Gradually I built up a tolerance to the medication, started to experience new symptoms and noticed my original anxiety (prior to Xanax) had become far worse. I returned to the doctor and my dosage was increased. I was also placed on an antidepressant. I was not told, by the doctor, about the dangers of taking this drug nor was I told it was meant to be taken for no more than one month.

In 2010 I knew I had a real problem, but was getting no help from my doctor. All my doctor was doing was prescribing a new medication. I knew I had to get off the drug but did not know how to get off it properly. At this time, I was not getting well. I was getting worse. So I began titrating off the medication on my own.

A few months after beginning my titration off the medication I had a mild seizure, went unconscious, and was found on my kitchen floor by my neighbors. I was rushed to the hospital where I eventually “came-to” and then experienced 2 weeks of 24/7 severe hallucinations from the Xanax rapid taper.

Upon returning home I had one week before I had to report back to work. I could not function enough to work so I returned to another doctor, just so I could get enough relief to perform my duties at work. I was placed on another benzodiazepine called clonazepam, but at a lower dose than the Xanax. Once again, I knew I had to get off these medications but had no idea of how I was to do this and I had no idea how to make these symptoms go away. After no change in my symptoms, and by trying other prescribed medications to help with my symptoms (with no relief), I began my research into the dangers and effects of taking benzodiazepines. What I discovered is these medications severely damage the central nervous system and create “new” symptoms that did not exist before. The medicatons were to blame, not me.

The only way I was going to get well was to come off of the benzodiazepines. Yet, as hard as I tried, I could not get off of them, until 2014.

In short, the recovery from being on this drug can take many months and even years. I am currently 2.6 years free of being on the drug and yet I still am experiencing symptoms daily – with no relief.

I have spent all the money and time that I have available, seeking treatments and researching for something that really shows promise in treating the damage done. I believe I have found such promise.

The Treatment Plan:

I have finally found a doctor who specializes in cases such as mine. I have researched him extensively, including interviews with former patients who were in similar shoes. I have also spoken with other physicians and clinics who utilize his protocols.

His name is Dr. John Humiston, and he resides and practices in San Diego, CA. He utilizes targeted amino acid therapy called Neurorecover. He has treated 1,000’s of patients using his protocol.

Your time is precious so I will leave you with links to inform you, if need be, about this protocol and how it works.

You may read more about him and Neurorecover at the links below:

About Dr. John Humiston

About Neurorecover

Neurorecover Testimonials

Below is a testimonial letter from a friend of mine who is a benzodiazepine survivor and whose life was saved by the Neurorecover treatment.

“I am writing on behalf of your friend Bruce Royer. Bruce and I share a problem in which we both found ourselves harmed by the use of Xanax. Xanax is a powerful drug that we were both prescribed to treat anxiety. We put our trust in the medical profession to help treat our anxiety. And now, for Bruce, it’s 7 years later and the intensity of his symptoms is still present. He is now left with damage caused by the long-term use of Xanax and Klonopin. These side effects are very debilitating which makes it impossible to live a normal life. It is very hard to conduct day to day tasks because our nervous system has been compromised to the point where our mind and motor skills don’t work the way they had prior to these medications.

With this said, there is a treatment called Neurorecover. I have been through this treatment and it saved my life. Bruce is at the point where he desperately needs the Neurorecover treatment to be able to re-gain his life and health back. Unfortunately this treatment is not covered by medical insurance and is very expensive.

I find it so disillusioning that our medical profession can prescribe a medication without means to help the patient deal with the aftermath of having taken the medication. And more importantly the medical profession refuses to acknowledge that these medications cause serious harm to patients.

This is where your help can play a positive role in Bruce’s life. Any donation to his Go Fund Me account will just put him a day closer to getting this treatment.

This is a very real serious issue and if you are not able to help Bruce at this time, my hope is you at least have an understanding of the devastating effects of Xanax and all benzodiazepine prescription drugs.

And if you are unable to make a donation, please, if you would, just spread his GoFundMe link and page across your Facebook page and other social media so you can help to save his life. ”

Thank you,

Deanna Winslow

The Cost of Treatment:The cost of treatment, which includes my lodging at a local youth hostel, food, and 15 days of missed work comes to $14,500.00.

I have secured a loan for $11,888.00 but I’m faced with a serious conundrum that I am seeking to avoid. I am assured by the doctor that I can be helped. I asked him if anyone, who was in a similar state as I, has NOT been helped significantly. He assured me that everyone has been helped.

Even though I received this good news, I had to consider all possible outcomes in order to secure and maintain my current financial security and home. Playing devil’s advocate I had to ask myself —- “What if the treatment does not work and you are now faced with paying back the bank loan, in your current state, for the remainder of your life and creating more stress for yourself?

What if it’s slow at work (I’m a waiter) and I fail to make enough money at work to cover the extra expense each month? You have no retirement or savings to support yourself if you can’t work, and you will have to wait until you have enough in Social Security to provide enough income for sustenance at some point. You might just very well become homeless if you are not careful.”

Without the current, newly-addded loan payments, I have been able to survive for the last 7 years. I have been able to keep my home and pay my bills. Yet I don’t have much left over each month to put a significant amount away for the future. Nor do I currently have the ability to acquire a second job. Yet my life is on the line, and so I figured I might be able to handle the added debt each month, with some trimming.

In truth, I’m seeking donations to cover the full cost of the treatment so if the devil’s advocate turns out to bear truth, I will not end up in a worse financial situation that tips me over the edge.

The bottom line for me is getting my life back. And to experience the beauty and wonder of life as I remember it once being. My life, on all levels, has been stripped completely from me. My life is truly at stake and I am exhausted beyond recognition, fighting this battle every second of the day since 2010 ( and even prior, while I was on the Xanax)

So I am reaching out to you for help to get the treatment I need. I hate asking for money. I really do. I wish I was able to work another job and then this request would not be necessary. Thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your donations should you choose to make one. And if not please share this page with others on Facebook, in an email to your friends or “like” this page so other people may see it.

Thank you so very much,

Bruce Royer

Also…please take the time to read from the websites below about benzodiazepines and their dangers.

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Please help spread the word!


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