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Has your Campaign run flat, out of steam or you just don’t know how to promote it? Is your 1st donation hard to come by? Kickstart your Campaign today and reach over 2,547,250 of our Twitter & Facebook followers.

Add a Press Release Distribution and reach up to 80,000+ Journalists that could snowball your Campaign globally… who doesn’t want their campaign to go VIRAL?

Press Release Distribution and reach up to 80,000+ Journalists that could snowball your Campaign globally

We have been marketing online since 2004 and combined some of the most effective investor and donor lists anywhere on the internet. Our services have been used by 10’s of thousands of satisfied clients over the last 12 years. We have distributed over 100,000 Press Releases and grown our combined Twitter and Facebook followers to over 2.5+ million!! NOBODY comes close when it comes to a targeted audience.

Imagine seeing your campaign on the news? In a newspaper? Going Viral? We have a proven track record since 2004.

Your campaign can be in the news feeds of over 2,547,250 Twitter and Facebook users. Not kids but actual Investors, Home owners, Philanthropists, Angel Investors, and just people wanting to help people. Our followers have been built from the ground up. we started with Press Releases and grew our Social Media Network and community to over 2.5+ million.

We have helped politicians, schools, sports teams, people with funeral costs, you name it we have helped distribute campaigns and awareness to it all!

Any Platform like… IDIDIT, GoFundMe, KickStarter, IndieGoGo and most other crowd funding platforms use algorithms and technology to track and rank campaigns within their website. They take into account the number of Twitter shares, Favorites, Re-tweets, Facebook Likes, Facebook shares etc. As industry leaders since 2004 we have grown with these systems and adapted as they have. Our service will help you gain better positioning in the ranking for these crowd funding sites, maybe even “profiled” as a top campaign. Anything is possible right?

Without exposure your campaign isn’t going to go far any time soon. Leap ahead of everyone else. Increase awareness and exposure of your campaign or cause, whether you are looking to raise $100 or $1,000,000 every little bit of exposure helps increase your chance of success.

We will start your campaign awareness project in less than 24 hours guaranteed, usually immediately. Within 24 hours you can find your campaign in Google News and other Search Engines and SO CAN OTHERS!!!

We know the best time to send your campaign for maximum exposure. Let us do the hard part of exposing your campaign, getting started for YOU is easy!

Become the next Crowd Funding Exposure and Promotion Success Story Today!


Built by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. There’s a reason Crowd Funding Exposure is the most trusted name in Crowdfunding PR and Marketing. In the past 14 years we have developed a complex and deep understand of the startup landscape and the media at large. We know the stories that will resonate in the media to secure your campaign coverage.

Become the next Crowd Funding Exposure Success Story Today!

Get Your Crowd Funding Campaign or Dream Funded!

Our team will promote your CrowdFunding Project. Order now and we take care of the rest!

  • Social Media Promotion

    Social Media Promotion

    We will promote your project on the most popular social media website like Facebook and Twitter. Your project will be exposed to our large number of followers which will increase your number of backers.

  • Targeted Ads

    Targeted Ads

    Bringing in more traffic is an essential part of acquiring new backers for your project. Our team uses Targeted Facebook Ads and popular channels to expose your project to as much traffic as possible.

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Our team of experienced crowdfunding consultants will give you advice on how to successfully run a crowdfunding campaign. Our team has turned around countless crowdfunding projects.

  • Professional Press Release

    Professional Press Release

    Our professional writing staff will write a press release for your project. This is a custom press release written just for your project. A great press release can attract more press and media coverage for your project. Starting as low as $50 for 200 words and $75 for 400 words

  • Featured Campaign

    Featured Campaign

    Have your Crowd Funding Campaign Featured on the website. This profiled feature alone can attract potential donors and supporters to your Campaign.

  • Press Release Promotion

    Press Release Promotion

    Since 2004 we have spread the word using traditional Press Release methods and Online Press Release methods. Have your Crowd Funding Campaign to thousands of News outlets including the largest USA, Canada, UK & global Newspapers, TV and Radio Stations and blogs. Professionally Written Press Release and Journalist Promotion

~ ONE Time Fee ~ Pricing Options ~

Pick from One of Our Affordable Pricing Options for any Budget

Facebook + Twitter 1,910,000+


  • Reach 245,000+ Facebook Users
  • Reach 1,575,000+ Twitter Users
  • 35 Tweets Total
  • (5 Tweets Per day for 7 days)
  • ---->
  • ---->
  • ---->
  • ---->

Facebook + Twitter 2,360,000+


  • Reach 400,000+ Facebook Users
  • Reach 1,960,000+ Twitter Users
  • 180 Tweets Total
  • (6 Tweets Per day for 30 days)
  • ---->
  • ---->
  • ---->
  • ---->

Facebook + Twitter 2,560,000+


  • Reach 480,000+ Facebook Users
  • Reach 2,080,000+ Twitter Users
  • 270 Tweets Total
  • (6 Tweets Per day for 45 days)
  • Featured Page Promotion
  • Press Release to 50+ News Sites
  • Donate $5 (by Paypal), to your campaign.
  • ---->

Reach 3,247,000+ Donor/Investor


  • Reach 587,000+ Facebook Users
  • Reach 2,760,000+ Twitter Users
  • 480 Tweets Total
  • (8 Tweets Per day for 60 days)
  • Featured Page Promotion
  • Press Release to 80,000+ Editors
  • Press Release to 400+ News Sites
  • Donate $5 (by Paypal), to your campaign.

Over 80,000+ Satisfied Clients since 2004...

Kickstart your Campaign today & reach over 2,547,250 of our Angel Investors, Donors, Backers and on Social Media of Facebook & Twitter Today !!


Crowd Funding Exposure is the #1 Company in the World When it Comes to Promoting a Crowd Funding Campaign or a Brand Through Public Relations. The Result? Industry leader Since 2004.

Crowd Funding Exposure is the Leading Global CrowdFunding PR and Marketing Agency for CrowdFunding Promotion and fundraising. We ensure your Crowd Funding campaign is seen by over 80,000 Editors & Reporters from every major publication. With years of Public Relations and Marketing experience and connections in the industry while working with some of the largest consumer brands in the world, no other Crowd Funding PR firm can match our expertise or reach.

Promote your IDIDIT, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or other campaign with the best. Have Your Fundraising Campaign Promoted to 2,547,000+ Donor/Investor Combined Social Media accounts on Twitter & Facebook & Reach up to 80,000+ Editors, Journalists & News Sites.

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No other site can match our Service, Rates OR Exposure and to prove it we offer this… Crowd Funding Exposure Guarantees that if you purchase either `Basic + News` OR our `Best + News` promotional package we will run your Campaign, the exact same Campaign, until such time as your Crowd Funding Campaign`results in a raise of DOUBLE what you spent (the actual cost) on the Crowd Funding Exposure website.

Do you have a higher budget for marketing? Does your campaign have more than 21 days left? Are you trying to raise over $20,000? Want the best chances of reaching your campaign’s goal? If Yes to all four questions then our Super Ultimate Exposure plan is great for your crowdfunding campaign. It includes more backers, extra media promotion, ranking your campaign, Facebook advertising, priority support, and more! Also if you need a new website or video for your crowdfunding project. Then message us at to get a quote!

Promote your IDIDIT, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or other campaign with the best. Have Your Fundraising Campaign Promoted to 2,547,000
Promote your IDIDIT, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or other campaign with the best. Have Your Fundraising Campaign Promoted to 2,547,000
Promote your IDIDIT, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or other campaign with the best. Have Your Fundraising Campaign Promoted to 2,547,000

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